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Double Wall Insulated Glass Mugs - 2 Piece Set


Coffee is enjoyed in countless ways, but there’s one thing we all share - drinking from our favorite mug. You’ve made your coffee just the way you like it so why not enjoy it in a mug that’s crafted just as beautifully as your brew? This sophisticated set of Thermal mugs features a lightweight double wall glass design that elegantly displays your brew, keeps your hot drinks hot for longer, while staying cool to the touch. Perfect for any occasion, there’s no better way to enjoy your favorite coffee than in your new favorite mug.

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Product Features

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Double wall design

Your warm drinks will stay piping hot for longer thanks to the insulating layer of air between the two glass walls, while the outside remains safe to the touch.

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Ultra lightweight design

The Thermal mugs are designed to be minimal and lightweight, similar to the build of high-end wine glasses.

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Borosilicate glass

Crafted from borosilicate glass makes these mugs better at handling sudden changes in temperature compared to regular soda-lime glass.

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Large volume for any occasion

Each mug measures 4" tall and 3 1/2" wide at the top, and has a volume of 12oz (350mL)



The key feature of these Thermal mugs is the unique insulation provided by the layer of air between two walls of glass. Not only does it naturally keep your drink warmer for longer, but the outside of the mug will remain safe to touch.


Beautifully designed

The double wall creates a beautiful aura around your drink. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or an ice cold cocktail, display your homemade beverages in these elegantly designed mugs.


Handcrafted from premium materials

Handcrafted and mouth blown by expert artisan craftsmen, each Thermal mug features two walls of borosilicate glass


USD Sale price Price $39.00 Regular price $39.00

To ensure your Thermal mugs are kept in top condition, we’ve provided some simple care instructions below:
  • Top shelf dishwasher safe, but hand wash recommended
  • Microwave safe
  • The double wall design is thinner than other mugs. Handle with care.
  • Avoid forceful impact on hard items or surfaces
  • Avoid using with metal spoons - we recommend using wooden spoons for stirring
  • Add ice after the liquid and avoid the use of automatic ice dispensers
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  • 2 Thermal double wall insulated glass mugs
  • 12oz (350mL) each

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